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TV 2 in short

An introduction to TV 2.

We are TV 2, a commercial broadcaster, and an innovative media house.

Bilde av TV 2s sportseffekter og kamera som filmerBilde av TV 2s sportseffekter og kamera som filmer

Our passion is to tell stories and create content that enables you to catch up on the latest news, documentaries, sports, and entertainment whenever, wherever, and however you choose.

At TV 2, our passion for storytelling meets the curiosity of technology, and our 900 co-workers aim to create stories that make the time you spend with us valuable. Our purpose is to tell and share stories that would not have been told without us.

Commercial Public Service broadcaster

Since 1992, TV 2 has served as a commercial public service broadcaster. Through an agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, TV 2 is committed to deliver daily news broadcasts, and a wide range of Norwegian content, shows and series. Our main channel «TV 2 Direkte» is therefore edited as a public service broadcaster.

Our current agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Culture commenced in 2019, and lasts for five years.

Where to find us

Today, TV 2 is a modern and innovative media house. We produce news and content that is published across multiple platforms so that you can stay updated on the latest news, sports, and series.

Our main channel, TV 2 Direkte, is our public broadcasting channel, where you can find Norwegian productions and entertainment for children and adults, series, live shows, sports, and movies. Moreover, our main channel features daily news broadcasts, an important part of our public service broadcast.

TV 2 Play is our streaming service offering a wide range of entertainment spanning from series, reality, sports, news, local productions, children’s content, and full-scale transactional film service.

TV2.no distribute breaking news around the clock, sports news, entertainment news, weather forecasts, TV guide, long reads, and videos.

In total, our eight TV channels, the streaming platform TV 2 Play, and our news site TV2.no enables you to watch news, movies, and sports at any given time. Furthermore, we have several mobile apps and social media accounts that make it easier to follow your favorite subjects when it suits you.

Bilde av TV 2s journalister ved arbeidspultene i MCBBilde av TV 2s journalister ved arbeidspultene i MCB
We have over 900 employees

Our beliefs

We believe in six values that guide our organization. Values that encapsulate the way we work and behave. Our core values are Transparency, Community, Curiosity, Passion, Courage and Accountability.

Where we are

Our head office is located in the Media City Bergen-complex, a leading international hub for media and technology innovation. TV 2 is also present in Oslo, and has local offices in Tromsø, Bodø, Trondheim, Ålesund, Stavanger and Hamar.

A Part of Egmont

We are a part of Egmont, a leading Nordic media company committed to significant stories and journalism; We bring stories to life.

Egmont offers e-commerce, PC and TV games, marketing and content agencies, publishing and printing, and film and TV production. It is the broad portfolio, technological expertise, and expertise in storytelling that make Egmont a modern media group. With great innovative power and creativity, Egmont refines its core business to meet the user's wishes, requirements, and needs, regardless of which platform they use.